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Custom Fitting

Ping Custom Club fitting

I believe there are several benefits to being custom fitted for golf clubs. As an authorized Ping Fitting centre I am able to offer professional fittings on all Ping club products. As part of my commitment to club fitting I have the Ping Fitting system of interchangeable heads and shafts. The system gives us access to a whole host of Ping driver, and iron heads plus a variety of shaft options. Together with Ping the fitting tools and methods that comprise the Ping Fitting system ensure that you the player, will be armed with the knowledge to choose the optimum full set of golf clubs.

By incorporating the correct club models and personalised set specifications that I recommend, you as the player can expect to:

" Hit all shots more accurately.

" Provide you with more centre face impact with your driver.

" Consistently drive the ball longer.
" Have noticeably better distance control.

" Proper ball-turf impact with your irons making your iron play more precise.

" Shave strokes with better short game execution.

In short, playing with properly fitted equipment throughout your entire set of clubs will help you play better golf. 

Club fitting sessions with myself at the Steve Russell Golf  Bridgnorth Golf Club are available via appointment only.

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The PING Way

PING’s reputation as the club-fitting leader has been earned through decades of research and experience in the field. The methodology has been adopted by thousands of club fitters around the world to guide you in finding the specifications that help produce your desired ball flight.

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