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One of the most important parts of your golf club is the grip.

Using a worn golf grip will lead to you holding the club too tightly.

Creating tension in your hands and forearms stops you from moving smoothly and freely.

Your back swing becomes shorter, faster and less fluid all contributing to you losing club head speed (shorter shots) and less consistency with the club head at impact (wayward shots)


By replacing the grips on your clubs will help improve your game.

Improve your golf with new grips

New Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game

Grip Fix with Michael Breed - Golf Pride Grips

Grips should be replaced once a year or every 30 rounds if you’re spending a considerable amount of time at the practice range.

Regardless of rounds played, a grip should always be replaced at the first sign of noticeable wear, including:

  • Smooth, hard surfaces

  • Cracks

  • Shiny patches

  • Wear spots, especially where the thumbs make contact

  • Faded or bare spots on grips that have been painted or have logos

  • Complete loss of tack

When you choose a golf grip you should pay attention to these five key factors






Improperly sized grips

Improperly sized grips, grips that aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, grips that don’t enhance playing ability will negatively impact your game and cost you strokes. Comfort, consistency, shot dispersion and shot distance can all be improved with new golf grips

Golf Grip Size Fitting

Grip Fix with Michael Breed - Golf Pride Grips

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